Prednisone and teeth

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Evaluation of ibuprofen/paracetamol for postoperative dental pain PAIN-Volume 152, Issue 3 , Pages 632-642, March 2011.

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Subjects with at least 3 impacted third molars and experiencing moderate to severe postoperative pain were randomised to receive: 1 or 2 tablets of a single-tablet combination of ibuprofen 200mg/paracetamol 500mg; 2 tablets of ibuprofen 200 mg/codeine 12.8mg; 2 tablets of paracetamol 500mg/codeine 15mg; or placebo.

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Treatment of Dental/tooth Pain - HealthMantra

I decided to write this post because I noticed some discoloration on a tooth and one of my gums as well as a few teeth more clear than white.

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Have you ever noticed some of the medications you take can cause you to experience a case of dry mouth or impair your sense of taste?

Prednisone and teeth:

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